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I would go Facebook silent, Twitter silent and only put things in text messages to your spouse or the other parent of your child that you absolutely have to. Do not get mad. Do not post things in haste. Do not say bad things or poor things about the other parent online in any form or fashion. It makes you look foolish, and we spend more time defending you on the things you put on Facebook and social media and text messages than we do being your champion in court.

How Assets are Divided in an Oklahoma Divorce

It takes a lot of self-control because this society is so much into social media, but social media only causes you problems in contested family matters. When people start the journey going through divorce, the conduct of each party is really important. Poor conduct could hurt your case. Good conduct can make it a better experience for you. What happens when people are like that, is sometimes they make poor decisions. They decide they want to go out and have a good time. They want to forget everything. They go out to a bar. They go out and have drinks.

One thing leads to another and the weekend or the evening turns into disaster, either from a DUI or a car wreck. It hurts them and their display to the judge about what kind of character and morals and values they have. Every time you do something you need to ask yourself, what will this conduct look like to a neutral third-party person?

Will this help me or hurt me? If you have this attitude and you ask yourself that question, you can avoid a lot of the problems. It confuses the children. Let them have a chance to mourn the loss of their family. He can help you. We take great pride in being accessible to our clients to help them navigate through these tough and difficult decisions.

What happens is in Oklahoma, the discovery code allows the parties to request certain asset and financial information that is required to be provided by the party under oath under penalty of perjury that this is a true and correct answer. If, in fact, you believe the assets are still being hidden, that you knew them to exist, a forensic accountant will be able to uncover those through this divorce process. You need to contact an experienced attorney to help guide you through this. It will vary depending on your case. There are also other issues that may come up requiring appraisals of property.

Those will require experts that cost more money as a total package for the case. You would need to consult with an experienced divorce attorney in order to determine what your case is likely to cost. An experienced divorce attorney can help walk you through that process by filing certain motions, and getting in front of the judge. That is a situation that you are entitled under the law to have equal access to. If you are considering locking your spouse out of accounts when a divorce is pending, our advice is to not do that.

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That will not set the tone well for you. Under Oklahoma law, an inheritance is considered separate property, although there are certain circumstances in which it can become comingled. It can transform into a marital asset if you are providing a pooling or resources, so to speak, with your spouse in purchasing other assets with the inheritance and with marital funds. You need to contact an experienced divorce attorney to help you consider whether or not it will be separate property or whether it has potentially become marital property.

Many times, if a party is thinking of filing for divorce, they run into an issue of not having sufficient funds to pay an attorney to file for divorce on their behalf. You may be wondering if you can receive support to file for divorce. In Oklahoma, you can file a request for attorney fees or for suit money to fund your process to hire an attorney and get through the divorce process. You will need to consult with an experienced divorce attorney to determine whether that is an appropriate measure that you can pursue. Well, the best way to do that is to be able to come to agreements with your spouse regarding all major issues of divorce, which could be custody of children, debt division, and any support alimony that may be requested.

If you have any questions about how to minimize your cost in divorce and how long the process generally takes, contact an experienced divorce attorney. We would recommend that you contact an experienced divorce attorney to deal with your fact-by-fact situation. The answer is possibly yes. In Oklahoma, you would need to have resided here for a period of six months prior to filing for divorce.

If there are children involved in the divorce, it can become a little bit more complicated. That will need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis where you would come in and speak with an experienced divorce attorney. Oftentimes the question arises, can I get divorced if I cannot locate my spouse? Under Oklahoma law, there are measures and procedures in place which would allow you to finalize a divorce action even if you cannot find them and serve them personally with a divorce action. What happens is, Oklahoma allows for a publication of the notice of the pending divorce.

It must be court approved. It will need to be published in a newspaper in the local county where your case is filed for approximately one day per week for three consecutive weeks. There are some other nuances that may be involved in your case, so you would need to contact an experienced divorce attorney to determine the best course to proceed.

Once you assess that with them, they can provide you a more tailored timetable for your specific case. If one party in a divorce has made a request for alimony, the question often becomes, how are alimony payments going to be determined? Likewise, the requesting party should prepare a budget of what their monthly expenses are, what their monthly income is, and how this requested amount will help transition them into a state of independence after the divorce proceeds on. Again, it will be dependent on financial resources and requirements of both parties to the case.


You have to hire an experienced divorce attorney to see what your options are. Sometimes when parties are going through a divorce, the question becomes, is support alimony going to be ordered, or is it something that can be requested? Alimony can be awarded to allow that transition to be a little easier. In doing so, the court will consider a number of factors, including the need of the party requesting it and the ability of the other spouse to pay that requested amount.

Then there will be a factual evidentiary finding to determine whether any amount should be ordered. That can last months.

It can even last years. All divorce cases and family matters deal with children. Everyone looks at things differently. Everyone has their perception. I tell people all the time be careful the positions you take and the battles you want to fight because you could win the battle and lose the war. I always take time with my clients, to analyze the situation with them and help them understand what their thoughts are about what their best interests are and why. At the trial, there will be evidence and testimony presented, and the judge is supposed to evaluate that based on what will serve the best interest of the minor children in which parent receives custody.

In that case, the question is about how the state of Oklahoma determines what your child support amount is. In doing so, the numbers are all put into a calculator, which is considered the Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines Calculator. If you have any questions about that, you need to contact an experienced divorce attorney to assess what factors will be considered in calculating your adjusted gross income.

Likewise, if they want to stay with your spouse, can the child voice that opinion? This depends. In Oklahoma, the age of preference that a child can voice their opinion which parent they want to reside with is the age of A lot of times, parents who have gone through a divorce process wonder if they can change a custody agreement. The answer is maybe. The answer is, it depends. In doing so, you will then have an opportunity to file an objection of record, and potentially have a trial on the issue of whether the relocation should be permitted by the court.

You need to contact an experienced divorce attorney to review your situation. In that case, you need to contact an experienced divorce attorney who can guide you through the process, which would involve filing an application for contempt, alleging that your spouse is failing to abide by the court order by not paying the child support.

If found guilty, the spouse can potentially even serve time in jail for noncompliance. You need to, again, contact an experienced divorce attorney who can guide you through the process. If you and your spouse are going through a divorce process and you have minor children, oftentimes those minor children are involved in extracurricular activities.

Those extracurricular activities can sometimes become very costly and quickly add up. Contact an experienced divorce attorney to properly account for that in your divorce action. I had a consultation recently with a father. He was going to be going through a divorce and there were minor children resulting from the marriage. He was concerned about getting a fair shake at custody, and the court system favoring the mother. The answer to that question is no. There are certain acts in place that require uniform collection for child support orders and that will prevent any sort of issue in you receiving your court-ordered child support.

There are other forms of relief that you can seek, which would be enforcement of your visitation rights through a motion that your attorney can file on your behalf, but you will be found in contempt for not paying child support if it is a court order. Oftentimes, it can be week-to-week alternating. In doing so, visitation comes up and that topic is subject to a number of ways in which you can divide how much time the mother and father will get with the children.

It kind of depends. There needs to be a finding by the court that it serves the best interest of the minor children, given the financial resources of both parents, and the financial needs of the minor children. You need to contact an experienced divorce attorney to assess your situation.

At Murray Law Firm, you will find that you will be our priority.

We want you to feel supported and in good hands. Do not hesitate to give our office a call today for a free consultation to meet with our experienced Stillwater divorce attorney James Murray. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Protecting What Matters Most If you choose not to be with your spouse anymore, you may be having a hard time in many ways. Your divorce may be eligible for annulment if: You or your spouse are under the age of 18 and did not receive consent from a parent or guardian You are related You or your spouse cannot contract the marriage because you are too young or do not understand it Your spouse was divorced less than six months before you got married You can talk to your attorney about your specific situation and see if you and your spouse will qualify for an annulment.

Hiring the Right Attorney for You If you know that you are in for a difficult legal battle, you may be concerned that you are going to feel a little lost. Grounds for Divorce Going through a divorce can be a very overwhelming and stressful time. Fault-Based and No-Fault Divorces All 50 states allow for no-fault divorces, which means a divorce can be granted without one spouse having to prove wrongdoing on account of the other.

Filing for Divorce in Oklahoma In order to file for divorce in the state of Oklahoma, at least one spouse must be a resident of Oklahoma for at least six months prior to filing for divorce. Distribution of Assets It is not enough that you are putting a permanent end to perhaps the most important legal and emotional relationship of your life, but you also must deal with the distribution of your marital estate, which is comprised of all of the real properties, accounts, stocks, funds, possessions, and belongings you acquired during the course of your marriage.

The Difference Between Marital Property and Separate Property Prior to the division or distribution of assets, a court must make a determination of what constitutes marital property and what constitutes separate property. How Marital Debts Are Divided Just like with the division of assets, courts must first decide whether the debt is marital or separate before its division. How Pensions, ks, IRAs, and Retirement Accounts Are Divided Generally, portions of pensions, ks, IRAs, and retirement accounts earned during the marriage are divisible as marital property, and the court determines what percentage of that marital property each party is to receive.

What Happens to The Marital Home? There are only three options when it comes to the marital home: The party intending to keep the home buys the other spouse out; The parties sell the home and split the proceeds; and The parties own the house together after the divorce. Support Alimony Regardless of how the marriage unraveled, divorces are not only emotionally painful, but can be financially stressful as well.

Types of Alimony Recognized in Oklahoma Oklahoma law recognizes two types of alimony. Can an Award of Alimony Be Modified? Ending Alimony Payments There is no hard and fast rule as to when alimony will expire, apart from the death of either party or the remarriage of a receiving party. Types of Child Custody in Oklahoma If you are in the process of getting a divorce in Oklahoma and are concerned about the well-being of your child, it is important to have a good understanding of the various legalities regarding child custody.

Joint Custody If a court awards joint custody, then both parents will have a role in the physical and legal custody of their child. Split Custody When separated parents have more than one child, the court may award split custody. Birdnesting Birdnesting is a divided custody arrangement in which the children live in one place while the parents take turns rotating in and out.

How is Child Custody in Oklahoma Determined? Child Support Pursuant to Oklahoma law, all noncustodial parents have a legal obligation to provide financial support for their children, regardless of whether or not those children were born out of a marriage. Unhappy with the Amount of Support A common scenario occurs when the parties reach an agreement among themselves as to the amount of child support owed. Enforcing Child Support Payments One of the most common questions we are asked is how to enforce a child support order when the other party is habitually delinquent or refuses to make payments all together.

How do I choose a divorce attorney? What mistakes should I avoid?

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What is the divorce process? What do I need to bring to a divorce consultation? What are the grounds for divorce? This article will discuss the general rules of property division. If the prenup is valid and enforceable, it will dictate how property is divided. Generally, money earned and property accumulated during the marriage is marital property. There are important exceptions to the general rule that property acquired during the marriage is marital property. If you inherit property or receive a personal gift of property from someone other than your spouse during the marriage, it remains your separate property.

Also, if you purchase property during the marriage, titled in your own name, with funds you had prior to the marriage or from an inheritance or gift , that purchase is also considered your separate property. These are the general rules, however, courts can make the final determination as to whether something is separate or marital property.

First, the court decides what property is separate property and what is marital. Each spouse receives their own separate property. Oklahoma differs in this way from a community property state, where all of the marital property is divided equally. Oklahoma courts are limited in what they can take into account when dividing marital property. When the court values marital property, it needs to figure out what each piece of property is worth. Since this varies for any particular piece of property, the fair market value of property is determined on a case-by-case basis.

For a house value, for example, Oklahoma courts are likely to accept an appraisal from an experienced real estate agent, or may even accept the values listed by an online property website, such as www. Courts may require regular drug or alcohol screenings, and visitation may be dependent on a parent taking part in a treatment program.

Bifurcation of marital status in Oklahoma is sometimes granted and means that both parties can legally divide their divorce into two stages. The first part satisfies the grounds for the divorce and allows a couple to become legally divorced without taking care of all the details. The second part addresses those issues, typically such as child custody, visitation, child support, alimony or other contentious issues that may have stalled or become major sticking points that are keeping the divorce from being finalized. Keep in mind that bifurcation is not judicially efficient due to the need for two court actions or trials.

It can also be more expensive and drag out the process for a much longer time period. Financial disclosures are mandatory as part of an Oklahoma divorce. Both spouses are required to disclose all of their marital assets to the court so that a fair and equitable distribution can take place. Your net income and debt payments must also be included as well. When a spouse files for divorce, an automatic injunction is put in place that prohibits selling, changing title, or concealing marital assets that goes into effect immediately.

It includes financial accounts, such as bank, retirement, profit sharing, pensions and any other type of account that holds funds that are available or can be borrowed against. Spouses are sometimes reluctant to release this type of information. When that happens, legal remedies may be employed, such as a subpoena served directly on a financial institution, to get all of the required information. Keep in mind that if a spouse lies on a financial disclosure document, they may be liable for both criminal and civil penalties.

A court may award additional compensation in the form of assets or cash. After a spouse petitions for divorce in Oklahoma, the defendant has 20 days after being served to respond to the divorce complaint. If they do not respond, it may be possible to seek a default judgment by asking the judge to grant the divorce despite no response. In this case, a defendant who does not respond forfeits their right to contest terms of the divorce, including child custody and support, alimony a division of assets and debts and other related issues.

Domestic violence is one of the grounds of divorce in Oklahoma, falling under the umbrella of extreme cruelty. It includes any kind of physical abuse, emotional abuse, stalking, or any other kind of harassment including those made through phone calls, mail, or social media inflicted on one spouse, children or other family members by the other spouse.

Aside from having a negative impact on a marriage over the long-term, the immediate threat must be dealt with as soon as possible.

Divorce Laws in Oklahoma ( Guide) | Survive Divorce

This may mean leaving the residence as soon as possible, seeking a Domestic Violence Protective Order and working with law enforcement if assault or other crimes have been committed. Domestic violence will definitely have an impact on child custody. Because the best interests of a child always come first, if domestic violence by one parent can be demonstrated, it could mean restrictions or complete denial on custody or visitation privileges.

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  • The statewide toll-free hotline for domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking is SAFE You can also go online to the Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault to find information on domestic violence, sexual assault, verbal abuse, getting a protective order, Internet safety and safety planning.

    When a divorce complaint is filed, it puts in place a temporary injunction. Any children must also remain covered as well.

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    • This means they must get their own healthcare coverage if not covered in a settlement agreement. Some settlements dictate that one spouse must continue to pay for health coverage, both for the spouse and for any children. In other cases, coverage for children is mandatory more often than not and may be split by both spouses. The major drawback is that this can be very expensive because an employer will no longer cover any portion of the premium. Instead, many people opt to purchase health insurance on an exchange as part of the Affordable Care Act.

      Infidelity and adultery can be cited as the reason for a divorce in Oklahoma. Military divorce in Oklahoma are handled the same as civilian divorces in some ways. But in other respects, there are some notable differences.

      property defination in oklahoma divorce law Property defination in oklahoma divorce law
      property defination in oklahoma divorce law Property defination in oklahoma divorce law
      property defination in oklahoma divorce law Property defination in oklahoma divorce law
      property defination in oklahoma divorce law Property defination in oklahoma divorce law
      property defination in oklahoma divorce law Property defination in oklahoma divorce law
      property defination in oklahoma divorce law Property defination in oklahoma divorce law

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