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Butler County Courts

It was named for General Richard Butler, a lawyer, legislator, soldier and Indian agent who was killed in in a battle with the Miami Indians. More divisions followed, and by , Butler had its current configuration of 33 townships.

The county seat of Butler County was established in at Butler, Pennsylvania, when surveyors and land speculators John and Samual Cunningham, along with Robert Graham, donated acres of centrally located land to the county for this purpose. Butler became incorporated into a borough in , and by the next year was an established third class city. John Rapp's Harmony Society. Arriving in from Germany, George Rapp established this phenominally successful community of religious refugees. By , the Harmony Society had become so materially successful that its leader felt it was time for a new beginning.

They later returned to Pennsylvania to neighboring Beaver County, where the group eventually died out at Economy, near Ambridge, Pennsylvania. Butler County contains the nation's first large tracts of land known as Depreciation and Donation Lands.

Hamilton Municipal Court

In and , two acts of the Pennsylvania legislature divided much of the lands north of Pittsburgh and west of the Allegheny River into parcels of land given as incentive to soldiers who enlisted in the Revolutionary War Donation Lands , and to compensate for the depreciated value of the Continental currency used to pay the soldiers Depreciation Lands. These lands comprised all of Butler County's land area except for a section in the northeast, which was considered unsuitable for farming.


This northeastern section was removed from the roster of available land and came to be known as the Struck Lands. Ironically, the Struck Lands later proved to contain large deposits of crude oil, and such boom towns as Petrolia and Karns City sprang up and prospered. Butler County is now noted for its oil fields and natural gas sites. Other industries of renown in Butler County include the railroad freight car production facility of Pullman Standard, the world's largest builder of those cars.

Pullman Standard was founded in with Diamond Jim Brady as its star salesman.

Saxonburg, Pennsylvania is where John Roebling, known primarily as the builder of the Brooklyn Bridge, settled after emigrating from Germany and the place where he first invented wire rope. Butler County also became home to another first, when in the country's first jeep was designed and built, the culmination of Butler County's pioneering lightweight automobile industry.

From its beginning, Butler County has been ideally suited for farming and today is home to many dairy, cattle and poultry farms, besides being one of the nation's largest producers of fresh mushrooms. Over ten tons of mushrooms are produced daily in the vast former limestone mines in West Winfield, Pennsylvania, and an even larger facility is located near Worthington, Pennsylvania.

Butler County was the home of many notable citizens, including pioneer David Dougal, an eccentric surveyor and land speculator who despite great wealth chose to live in near squalor. Typically, driver's license problems and impoundments involve a court appearance.

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Parking tickets are paid at the Hamilton Police Department or at designated areas. If a citizen wanted to plead not guilty, a hearing would be set before the judge. Some traffic violations do not require a mandatory appearance.

Check to see if they are posted as the web page is constantly being updated. These are usually referred to as Felonies. Felony cases are heard by a grand jury before going to common pleas court. There are several ways cases can go to the grand jury.


The Court Connection

But when a felony is charged through the municipal court, the court has a preliminary hearing to see if probable cause has been established. If probable cause has been established the municipal court judge binds the case over to the grand jury. Probation Services is more than setting up a time payment plan for fine and restitution that is ordered from the court.

Court Rules [. Hamilton, Ohio

butler county area 1 court records Butler county area 1 court records
butler county area 1 court records Butler county area 1 court records
butler county area 1 court records Butler county area 1 court records
butler county area 1 court records Butler county area 1 court records
butler county area 1 court records Butler county area 1 court records
butler county area 1 court records Butler county area 1 court records

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