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You can spend contraband on weapons, vehicles, and various upgrades; the good thing about the plethora of free-play spots is that there are countless opportunities to earn some cash, no matter what your style of play is. Aside from being able to purchase upgrades, you can also earn "perks" by accomplishing special achievements. For example, blowing up a certain number of German towers will allow you to carry more explosives, while stealth-killing five Nazi generals will provide Devlin with a new, deadly, attack.

These perks do a lot to help even the playing field later on, since enemies become better-equipped and more powerful as the game progresses. The biggest problem with The Saboteur , though, is that it has a large emphasis on stealth during the main missions. Unfortunately, keeping out of sight when you're trying to avoid detection is easier said than done.

The only stealth mechanic you have at your disposal is a silent walk and the ability to disguise yourself as a German soldier if you performed a silent kill on them bloody uniforms are automatically unavailable, so don't expect to put on a German outfit if you've just shot someone. It's a shame that there's no ability to hide in the shadows, or have a better warning system that tells you when you're starting to be observed.

As a result, it's actually easier to just run through parts of a mission with both guns a-blazin' and then deactivate the alarms or find a hidey hole to take the heat off. Thankfully, the direct approach to action is as strong as the stealth portions are weak. Aiming is easy, taking cover is automatic, and the enemies are tough enough to provide a reasonable challenge.

This is something to be expected from Pandemic based on the studio's track record with the Mercenaries games. There's also an abundance of firearms to use, and even normal vehicles can be weaponized later on in the game. Devlin's brawling maneuvers, while effective against one or two opponents, aren't all that useful when more enemies appear, meaning that it's generally safer to stick to guns and explosives. It's a shame that Pandemic was liquidated after finishing The Saboteur earlier this year.

The game is a lot of fun in spite of some shortcomings. Had there been some more time to apply some polish to the title, this probably could have been an epic masterpiece. You can now choose your next mission or complete some of the free play targets. Seems we have a snitch to deal with. He's talking with a prostitute so wait for him to finish. You should also take the opportunity to stealth kill the general towards your grim reaper perk. You have to steal a generals car and deliver it to the slaughterhouse.

Climb up the building, avoiding being seen. Go across the rooftop and you'll spot several soldiers inside the courtyard. The objective will then update. If you don't shoot the officer he'll make off in the car and you'll fail the mission eventually. When the yard is clear you can get in the car and drive it outside. You'll probably sound the alarm but you can outrun it or get out the car and clear the alarm. This opens up the garage to you where you can store cars. If you haven't done already you should take out all the sniper nests around the area.

Inside the "prison" there are a 4 guards and 2 Gestapo agents. You should be able to pick off the single patrolling guard and Gestapo agent near Crochet's cell. You can then take out the other Gestapo agent and the final 3 guards. If you set the alarm off you can use the alarm point in the west or just run and come back.

Now go to Crochet's cage and open the door. He wants you to kill the general that took his hand and killed his men. You should take out his 3 guards which will most likely trigger the alarm. Use one of the brothels to cancel it. When he's all alone use the rooftops to sneak up on him, when you get close enough you'll deliver the message. He wants you to kill a Libyan diplomat. Speak to Katz and watch the cutscene. If you raise the alarm before the target arrives you'll fail mission.

You will see several targets. However you still need to take out the 3 others to be sure. I would suggest taking out the 4 corner tower guards before shooting any of the targets. You should use the telephone wires to help your escape. He'll ask you to kill a Gestapo informant at his church. Eustache Church Head to the church marked on the map. To do this climb the buildings north of the church and use the wire to cross to the upper part then make your way around to the south side of the church.

You can pick up the sniper rifle on you left if you need it. Zoom in near to father Dennis and wait for his sign. Shoot him. Alternatively you can make your way down to the front of the church and follow the informant then kill him quietly. NOTE: If you're like me and looking to kill no civilians don't do this mission because the informant is classed as an civilian.

Head to your garage and get the Altair you'll need a two seater car. It's in the Parc Des Buttes Chaumont. Best spot is behind the small gazebo. Before hiding make some preparations: - on the left side of the gazebo near the pillar is where the Nazi congregation will sit. Plant 1 RDX here. Use the RDX to kill the Nazis in the congregation. If Father Dennis doesn't kill the Gestapo guy help him out.

You'll get some colour back to the are for completing this. She want you to drive her whilst she delivers a package. You'll agree to help him. He wants you to destroy a zeppelin and some supplies bound for the Germans in north Africa. The large zeppelin needs to be blown up using RDX or dynamite. The fuelling stations can be grenaded and the Nazi rocket will need to be blown up. You'll have to kill all the guards inside to get to the targets.

When everything is destroyed you'll complete the mission. Wait for the Nazi's to stop talking then stealth kill them. Grab a uniform off one of the bodies then head east north along the north wall. You need to take out single patrolling guard then the two guards in the far corner. You should also take out the guard in the tower here too. Now head to the mausoleum along its northern side. Stealth kill the two guards near the fire and then the guard in the tower if there is one. Some more guards may turn up to investigate the bodies so avoid these.

Wait for the them to return to their positions at the front of the mausoleum. Go around the south side near the second tower and stealth kill a single Nazi by the fire. Go back to the fire along the northern side and use a silenced pistol to kill the two soldiers in the sturmwagen.

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You can now sneak in disguised and find the open crypt. This will trigger a cutscene. This will complete the mission. Stop at the marker to complete this easy mission.

The Saboteur Discussion

Go and get the truck. Head up the stairs and walk past the sniper at the top. Head up the stairs on the south passing the guard. Take out the sniper here and the guard. I recommend climbing the east face. At the top use the silenced pistol to take out the German looking over the courtyard. There is another German near who you'll probably want to take out too.

In the courtyard kill the two Germans on the ground floor level. Take the stairs up to the right. There are three guards here, sneak past the first and second into the fenced off room. Using the wall as cover use the silenced pistol to take out the third soldier. You'll probably set the alarm off at some point so kill the other two soldiers.

Next to the stairs up is a soldier on a machine gun so take him out quickly along with the sniper on the top floor. Take out 3 more Germans on the south side of the first floor. You should be able to see the top of another machine gunner on the next floor. Kill him before going to the second floor. Take out two guys on the second floor then proceed up the metal stairs but get ready to come back down to cover. Kill the four German infantry man and the 2 snipers. Finally head up the stairs, kill the officer and the flamethrower German.

Then proceed up into the zeppelin. Climb the ladder and keep going forward. Another explosion leaves the way blocked. Jump up and you'll grab a cable, shimmy forward until you come to another ladder and climb that. Follow path and jump over hole again. Keep going until you find a big ladder and climb it. Then jump up and use the line to continue forward. Watch the cutscene and the mission ends. He wants you to blow up an old abbey. You'll want to take out the guy in the tower by the gate to grab his uniform, makes sneaking around inside the abbey easier.

The Saboteur (Video Game) - TV Tropes

Grenades and Dynamite will work in taking out the targets, the bigger targets needing dynamite. There are enough crates of ammo dotted around if you need any more. They won't if they've been blow up. I would stealth kill the machine gunner guarding the street entrance and steel his uniform. There is another machine gunner in the middle of the south section so take him out too.

There is one more machine gunner outside the big building looking towards the river that you will need to take out too. Inside the building is a machine gunner looking towards the river and another looking the opposite way on the opposite side of the building. There are also 10 patrolling guards.

You should be careful with explosions because the targets are packed in groups and you can be caught in the blast if you're unlucky. Once you have destroyed all the tanks the mission is complete. The interlude will complete after the conversation. Speak to Santos and he'll offer to give you forged papers if you blow up some Nazi supply trucks.

When you arrive you'll trigger a small cutscene. You have a couple of options: - Use the AA guns - Grab a German disguise and plant some bombs - Use a Bauer fuel truck, pack it with RDX explosives and explode it from a distance I choose the stealthy way. Grab a uniform and walk around the back of the hut.

You can plant an RDX on the truck furthest south without being seen. Grab a vehicle and set an RDX charge on the side then drive it the one at the northern end and park it. Your suspicion will go up but you can walk away with triggering the alarm. Get in position, lose the uniform and trigger the remote. He'll tell you he wants more money for the papers. If you don't have any contraband you'll need to go and do some freeplay targets. He wants give it to him for the papers. Head over and talk to her. She won't trust you unless you break one of her men out of prison.

Go around to the south west side of the building to the small scaffolding is. Climb up the ladder and jump across to the wall on the right. Climb up onto the walkway, you may have to go left at the top of the roof to avoid being seen. Stealth kill the sniper on the walkway and grab his uniform. There are 3 more snipers around the outer edge, one on each side. There are six guards patrolling the upper walls, you'll need to take these guys out. Take the ones out on the top walkways then the next level down. You'll also want to take out the two sniper towers.

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When you've cleared the roof you can go to the east side and snipe the Gestapo guy, two machine gunners and 2 soldiers. There are two flamethrower soldiers in the inner courtyard that need to be killed. This should clear a path out. Make your way down via the ladders into the courtyard via one of the ladders. Open the door to Brymans cell. Grab a car and lose the disguise then drive Bryman back to the target shown on the map to complete the mission.

She wants you to kill General Loder who is burning books. The easiest way to kill him is to grab a vehicle and put some RDX on it. Launch it at the tank and jump out of the vehicle. Et voilla, one dead general. If you 're having trouble any of the rocket launching weapons will do the trick. He's been smuggling art out of France. If you mess this up like I did you can use the ladders and scaffolding next to it to get to the roof. Stealth kill him If you haven't got one already pick up the panzershrek before using the radio.

One shot should do it.

Use it and the mission will complete. You'll need to grab a uniform because you'll be trespassing. There is a tank patrolling the area to and that'll make short work of you if you're spotted. There are also several guards armed with panzershreks. You should walk into the courtyard and trap the fuel truck. Drive this to the tower and park up. Get a safe distance away and blow it up to complete the mission. He'll tell you about some resistance men that Dierker captured and killed. He'll then tell you to speak with Bryman. He'll give you some RDX if you don't have any and tell you must destroy the gun.

You have plenty of time and can kill the cannon operator to stop the countdown. My method is to climb the building and follow it around to the right. Stay on the edge of the building out of the trespassing area as possible. When you can see the operator in the white coat near the cannon use a sniper rifle to kill him. This will trigger an alarm. Climb down the building and run away until the alarm ends.

Now go to the corner of the building where the cannon is. Climb the side not facing the checkpoint. When you get to the top you can climb over the rail and plant 1 RDX charge. Climb down the building and detonate the charge. Destroying the gun triggers a level 4 alarm. If you stay out the city you can out run it fairly easily. The mission will complete the alarm will remain until you die or get rid of it. She'll tell you that you're going to rescue someone from a train then put the train over a cliff. Before heading to the bridge secure a Nazi uniform.

There is a truck and a single guard you can take one from. This will be useful because you'll be trespassing.

Head to the bridge. There are several Germans guarding the bridge. Take out the first guy with a stealth kill. Climb up the ladder and place the first RDX charge. Climb over the beam to the other side, drop down behind the next patrolling guard and stealth kill him. Select the RDX, jump up and shimmy along the structure to place the next bomb. Drop down and proceed all the way to the end. Stealth kill the furthest guard. That should leave one more guard under the bridge in this area so stealth kill him too.

You can now lay the third charges without anyone bothering you. Jump across and up the walkway. You'll see more 5 guards in this upper level. Wait a bit and they'll all become stationary apart from one guard. Climb up the beam so you can cross to the other side of the bridge. Wait for the guard to pass then follow him to the outer corner and stealth kill him. Annoyingly you may get a couple more guards form above. You should be able to stealth kill the others. Finally when bridge is clear plant the last charge. Place the charge on the tracks where marked. You need to cut communications on the train then rescue Kessler.

This will be trespassing so be careful. Climb on the train three cars out the station. The train will start moving. Now you can do the next bit in one of two ways: - Work your way along the train killing people as you go - Jump off the train and outside the trespass zone. Eventually you'll catch it up. I am assuming you're running alongside the train. You should be able to make it to the first bridge before the train does.

Get ready using the yellow pin as a guide and drop onto the engine car. Then use the sniper rifle to take out the guards another two cars back. Use the throttle lever to star the train again. Then run back two cars and drop down to the door. I would suggest you take out the guards first before destroying the power structures because more guards will spawn from guard huts on the upper south east and west walkways. The 3 generators around the west and north side only have a single guard.

There are 3 near the east generator but you can easily stealth kill these guys. Now to the two upper walkways to the south. The one in the south east corner has 3 guards. The south west has a single guard. There is a guard hose near the south west generator. The inner courtyard west has three guards. The inner courtyard east has 2 guards and a guard house.

The Saboteur All Military Vehicles Part Three

The four on top of the house all have no guards, with the exception of one guard on the north roof. When you have taken all the guards out lay remote bombs on each then detonate from in the middle of the front courtyard. You'll have to move near the front of the house to trigger those bombs. Finally to the rocket. There are only two guards patrolling on the rocket and a guard house close to the western wall. You can sneak in and plant a bomb or just take these last two out with the silenced pistol. Pay him contraband and you now have access to all checkpoints on the map.

Kill them. This completes the mission and opens up a new HQ. She's a singer and will be performing at an outdoor concert. He wants her dead and his locket back. When you get anywhere near the courtyard a cutscene will play and Francine will appear. Grab his uniform. Beware if you trip the alarm Francine will escape.

Take out the second patrolling guard up here. Kill her with a silenced weapon, the new viper in the shop is good for this. First thing is to turn off the alarm. Even if you're not scene and you have your uniform it will be going off so use one of the alarm boxes. Drop into the courtyard, be careful to avoid triggering too much suspicion.

Walk to the stage and pick up the locket. He has dispatched a team to kill him and he wants you to join them. Speak to him and an alarm will be triggered. Climb up the building on the corner and make your way to the trapdoor to get rid of the alarm. The resistance will kill some of the snipers so take out the ones they don't kill. You can slot him with the sniper rifle from a distance.

You have to drive him and make sure he completes the job. Get out the car and run to the brothel just north to cancel the alarm. Now grab a uniform and climb up onto the roof via the drainpipe.

Navigation menu

Make your way to the building at the back and kill the general from the roof. He wants you to watch for them and kill them before they kill him. Sulpice Head to the spot marked on the map. Take the drainpipe on the south side to lower roof. Head west and climb ladder to next level.

Head north and then east and take the ladder up to the next part of the roof. Take out the two Nazi snipers here.

This game provides examples of:

He wants you to destroy the massive AA gun in the Pantheon dome. Head over the point marked on the map and enter the building. Make your way to the right and behind the single Nazi you need to circle back around and use the lift on the left side to ascend to the upper level. Make your way to the opposite side of the walkway and stand on the big square lift and use it to ascend. If you mess this up like I did you can walk up the ladder near the guard. You won't cause and alarm provided you don't run. Head right and onto the next lift and use it to head upto the next level.

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car locations in the sabotour Car locations in the sabotour
car locations in the sabotour Car locations in the sabotour
car locations in the sabotour Car locations in the sabotour
car locations in the sabotour Car locations in the sabotour
car locations in the sabotour Car locations in the sabotour
car locations in the sabotour Car locations in the sabotour
car locations in the sabotour Car locations in the sabotour
car locations in the sabotour Car locations in the sabotour

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