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The good news is that by taking a few precautions, you can keep potential stalkers at bay.

This article reveals ways someone could track you using your smartphone, and it lists things you can do to avoid unwanted attention. Could someone stalk you using your own smartphone?

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Cell Phone Image Gallery Don't let a stalker catch you off guard. Use the tips in this article to keep you and your smartphone safe. Also, if you want to find more than one person, make sure their phone number saved to your device's Android or iOS phone book.

Only after that, follow the steps below. Step 1: Launch the Instagram app on your phone and tap the Profile icon at the bottom-left corner of the app. Step 2: On your profile page, tap the Hamburger menu icon at the top-right corner to reveal the profile option. Select Discover people.

A cell phone number lookup has never been easy, but these tips help

Step 3: On the Find People page, navigate to the Contacts section, and tap the Connect contacts button. Step 4: If you are using this feature for the first time, Instagram will request access to your phone's contacts. Tap Allow option to grant Instagram the access to your contact list. That will allow the app to access your contacts list and identify the people that are on Instagram already.

Free Carrier Lookup - Find the carrier information for phone numbers - worldwide.

Step 5: After granting the app access to your contact, Instagram will automatically sync phone numbers from your phone to your account. You can then proceed to choose who you want to follow. Step 6: If none of the phone numbers on your contact list are associated with an Instagram account, a 'No contacts available' message will be displayed. In some situations, giving your digits to institutions like your bank provides an extra layer of security. But in most cases, the potential dangers and annoyances of handing out your number outweigh the benefits, as you will read below.

All that Mr. He then did a thorough web search and followed a data trail — linking my name and address to information in other online background-checking tools and public records — to track down more details. In an hour, this is what came up :. My current home address, its square footage, the cost of the property and the taxes I pay on it.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number Online

Information about a property I previously owned, including its square footage and the mortgage taken out on it. While Fyde declined to hack into my accounts using the obtained information and my number, the company warned that there was plenty an attacker could do:. An attacker could use the personal information linked to my phone number to trick a customer service representative for my phone carrier into porting my number onto a new SIM card, thus hijacking my digits — a practice called SIM swapping.

A hijacker with control of my phone number could then break into my accounts if I had mechanisms in place to receive a security code in a text message when logging in to an online account.

How to locate via cell phone Number

A scammer could also use my hijacked phone number to trick members of my family into sharing their passwords or sending money. A scammer could also target my phone number with phishing texts and robocalls.

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An intruder could use knowledge of my phone number to call my voice mail inbox and try to crack the personal identification number to listen to my messages. Marketers could also take advantage :. An ad tech agency could add my number to a detailed profile about me, linked to other information about my identity and web-browsing activities. If I signed up for an internet service with my phone number, a brand that bought my digits from an ad firm could upload them into an ad tech tool to correlate the number with my online profile and serve targeted ads. A shady marketing agency could add my number to a database to blast me with spam calls and text-messaged promotions.

There are some situations when sharing your phone number is reasonable.

When it’s wise to share your number (and when it’s not)

When you enter your user name and password to get into your online banking account, the bank may call or text you with a temporary code that you must enter before you can log in. This is a security mechanism known as two-factor verification. In this situation, your phone number is a useful extra factor to prove you are who you say you are.

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find someone by using their phone number Find someone by using their phone number
find someone by using their phone number Find someone by using their phone number
find someone by using their phone number Find someone by using their phone number
find someone by using their phone number Find someone by using their phone number
find someone by using their phone number Find someone by using their phone number
find someone by using their phone number Find someone by using their phone number

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