New york county marriage records

January 29, We follow up by mail, asking for a response. February 15, We follow up by mail, asking for a response. As far as we know, the columns of available data will be the same sort of basic data available in the microfilm images: surname, given name, year, borough, etc. More on that below. But because this will have so many rows of data probably millions! But whether they will do so or not is entirely up to them. We assume most people would prefer to use the database format.

Office of the City Clerk - New York City

But we only got it for Luckily, the information in that present marriage database should still be legally available to the public under New York FOIL, as long as any overly-personal information gets redacted from the database first. So, in order to complete this data set, Reclaim The Records will be making a new records request for the or perhaps New York City marriage index later this year or early next year.

We are committed to getting this post marriage index data, too. For another thing, a database would include all the same-sex couples whose marriages started to be recorded in New York City starting in June , so this would we think be the first-ever genealogical marriage records data set open to the public on any website to finally include same-sex marriages.

That definitely seems like a worthwhile thing to contribute to the world. And indeed, that in-house database they have does have that information available as database columns for the brides and grooms, although the older microfilms do not. So we asked, could we perhaps just get the year of birth instead, dropping the month and day? So we figured, why not try to push it and ask for the data here?

So we sighed and we decided not to fight them on this issue, which could potentially have gotten us tied up in court for months. They will be redacting the birthdate columns from the database before they give it to us.

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If we have to compromise a little, this seems okay to us. Paperwork and Court Filings. Reclaim The Records vs. Photo of the microfilms we received. Browse the Records. Get the latest news! Sign up for our free e-mail newsletter Join 6, others, stay updated on our work by subscribing to our free newsletter.

Please choose one. For each borough, there is also a set of " Bride's Index Cards ".

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These handwritten 3x5 cards are arranged alphabetically by the bride's name, one sequence for each year. Each card contains ten entries, one per line. Each entry contains the bride's name, the date of marriage and certificate number.

The NYC Marriage Index

Only Manhattan is covered for to , with a separate index for each month. For , there are alphabetical annual indexes for Brooklyn. After , all five boroughs are included. Each borough is indexed in a separate annual volume. For to , Manhattan and Brooklyn have an index for each month, and the other three boroughs each have one sequence for the entire year.

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After , there is one annual index for each borough. NOTE: All of the indexes are for events reported in the given year. Some events which happened at the end of a year were written up in the registers for the following year. Therefore, when looking for an event, be sure to check the following year also. Once you've found an index entry for an event of interest, write down the date , borough and certificate number.

The county names for the five boroughs of New York City are:.

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  5. Once you locate the FHLC entry for the correct borough and event type birth, marriage or death , you will see many microfilms listed for each year. Within each year the certificates are arranged numerically by certificate number. Long Island City records start in Post marriage records are held by the borough offices of the New York City Clerk. For addresses of borough offices, contact:. For further information contact the city clerk's office. Some county clerks hold marriage records for the period ca.

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    Essential Steps to Find a New York State Marriage Record

    New York: New York State Department of Health. New York State Gazetteer. Albany: Gazetteer does not contain addresses and phone numbers of local registrars of vital statistics. Contact telephone directory assistance for phone numbers. Department of Health and Human Services. Social Security Administration.

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    Social Security Death Index. Work Projects Administration.

    New york county marriage records
    New york county marriage records
    New york county marriage records
    New york county marriage records
    New york county marriage records
    New york county marriage records
    New york county marriage records
    New york county marriage records

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