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Submitted by Ramponi not verified on November 12, - pm. Submitted by Alice Luchini not verified on November 19, - pm. Submitted by Jenny Mandile not verified on March 18, - pm. Submitted by Debbie Palleson not verified on December 26, - pm. Submitted by bob sacco not verified on January 10, - pm. Submitted by Monica not verified on January 12, - pm. Submitted by Krystina Bruno not verified on January 18, - pm.

Submitted by Beth Conti Rieman not verified on January 20, - pm. Submitted by Susan Reed not verified on February 19, - pm. Submitted by C Arrighi not verified on March 2, - am. Submitted by Travaglia not verified on March 2, - pm. Submitted by Giuseppe Lingua not verified on March 7, - am.

Submitted by Casey not verified on March 7, - pm. Submitted by Brenda not verified on March 27, - am. Submitted by stephanie not verified on March 27, - pm. Submitted by Terri Tarabochi Submitted by Sarah Gori not verified on April 19, - am. Submitted by Lou Farese not verified on May 5, - pm.

Submitted by Therese Anderson not verified on May 22, - am. Submitted by Matthew Gherardo not verified on May 23, - am. Submitted by Laurie Jordan not verified on May 23, - am. Submitted by Beth not verified on May 29, - pm. Submitted by Alex not verified on June 14, - am. Submitted by Deb Hart not verified on August 4, - am. Submitted by lucy not verified on June 20, - pm. Submitted by Patricia Patricia not verified on June 20, - pm. Submitted by Michele Agostin Submitted by Kelly Costanza not verified on June 27, - am.

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Submitted by Gianina Martine Submitted by Katie Doughty not verified on July 6, - pm. Submitted by Deborah L Hart not verified on August 4, - am. Submitted by Donna L Davis not verified on July 7, - am. Submitted by Gaynor Fisher not verified on July 30, - pm. Submitted by Nina not verified on August 24, - pm. Submitted by Bill Pertusi not verified on August 27, - am. Submitted by Heather Easley not verified on September 19, - pm.

Submitted by Dawn Santarlasci not verified on September 23, - pm. Submitted by Lora Graham not verified on September 26, - pm. Submitted by Denise Conti not verified on September 29, - pm. Submitted by Danielle Kaller not verified on October 1, - am. Submitted by Olynda not verified on October 2, - pm. Submitted by John Benson not verified on October 31, - pm.

An Italian family looking for lost baggage, Ellis Island, Tompkins Square Branch, View all posts by Megan Margino. Comments Patron-generated content represents the views and interpretations of the patron, not necessarily those of The New York Public Library. Italian Submitted by Ian Marlet not verified on August 18, - am. I am researching an italian case at the moment. Thanks for the tips! I would like to search birth and death records in Bonefro, Italy between and The Archivio de Campobasso , Stato civile, had records before only.

I hope you can help. Thank you.

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I never knew him because he died in the MV Mamutu where the Japanese troops bombed in Weven never met his family. Really want to find out if he did have siblings apart from Jack.. Please help me.. I'm actually the grand child of Joseph Michael Regione.. Ancestry Search Submitted by Chelsea not verified on October 10, - am. I did a quick search through my ancestry. I'm thinking you may even be the person that put it up there!

If not I can download and try to get you in touch with the person. There is no other information besides the things you already know, but I'd suggest instead of looking for records of a Pedro, you may turn your search to the name Pietro. Pedro is more commonly used in Spanish families, where Pietro is the name for Peter in Italian.

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The records on Ancestry indicate that his son Peter also died in the attack. It would make sense that he named a child Peter, after his own name. I wish you the best of luck in your search! It can be painstaking with these Italian records! His supposed birth name was Santino Lari,and the orphanage gave him the name of Nibbi.

Does anyone know about this? Hi Norleen, I live not far from Lucca. If you could be a little bit more precise, I could try and get more info about your grandfather. In Italy there are restriction on the cases of orphans My Grandfather from Lucca Submitted by bob sacco not verified on September 12, - am. Is there an online database I can search? Can someone from the area help guide me as how to go about finding the information? Thanks in advance for the consideration. Best, Bob. I will appreciate any help grind relatives in Bologna, Italy.

How do I begin? I want to make a summer pilgrimage to their home town. Gialanella Submitted by Conni Gialanella not verified on February 18, - pm. He married Antonia Caruso, born 16 May in Italy. They left Italy later in The Port of departure was Naples. If anyone can help me find further information about Agostino's parents or Antonia Caruso's parents, I would greatly appreciate it.

I have the info for once they came to USA. Hi Conni, Did you ever find any of the information you were looking for? I'm putting a link in here to Angela Caruso's birth record. I don't know if this site will allow a link. You may have to copy and paste the url into your browser. Feel free to respond if you want to know more about this site. Am researching my Italian born grandfather's family connections. He arrived around and gave Montemelone as last Italian residence.

His wife was Giovanna Cicchelli and she was believed to be from Foggia. Her mother's name was Vincenza. They settled in Solvay, New York west of Syracuse. My grandfather Michele Montereale later changed his name to Montreal. He had some brother's and family that were known to have lived in New York City area in early s; maybe Jackson Heights. Looking for any possible connections or followup info. Hi, if you need help I have found marriage record for your ancestry Giovanna e Michele. Giovanna mother is Vincenza Cicchelli, father unknow. Also I know tha giovanna had a brother Giuseppe married with Berardi Letizia in Italy If you want all information in the record I can write you all in english.

Let me know. Search for records pertaining to Constantino Adamo and Concetta Submitted by Jenny not verified on March 18, - pm. Trying to find their parents name and dob and places of birth. I am great granddaughter, but I don't speak or read Italian, having trouble finding info on them. Family research Submitted by Faith not verified on March 28, - am. I'm trying to research family, which is tough because I can't pay for all these sites, and I know a bit on my family thanks to my Nonna telling me as much as she can alongside papers.

However it's hard to find much about my family, especially my great-great-great grandfather since his last name is tough to find any records with his last name, from what I found he came to America in My Great-Grandmother was born in America however, her father married Anna Morelli and her side is a bit rocky too since my Nonna doesn't know everything. Anna was the only one born in America, apparently, her mother was pregnant when she came to America with Anna's family before she was born.

Anna's mother was named Carolina Barletta and she married Domenico Morelli, the papers we have tells their birthplaces for Anna's parents and the Ellis Island document that I found shows the last place my great-great-great Grandfather last lived. Do you have any more tips for family research? I'm afraid I already learned all that I can from my Nonna. Hi Faith, Submitted by Jenny not verified on March 18, - am. Hi Faith, which is the birthplace of your ancestry, I would like help you.

Let me know if need of help. Hello I am searching for my father Giuseppe Battistetti, not exactly sure if that is the surname that worked on contract during to at Aranda Textile factory in Homelake, Randfontein in South Africa. Apparently, he was in his mid 20's. He met my mom during this time Elizabeth Venter Bess and she fell pragnent with me. Apparently, he left to go back to Italy just before I was born or just after in I met an Italian lady this week Gabriella de Grandis and she gave me a photo of him with her father Paolo de Grandis and her uncle Giovanni does not have his surname.

She is quite sure it is him. I can send a picture if it will help. I am desperate to find him, hoping he is still alive and would like to know if I have any other siblings. It will be such a blessing if I can see my father just for once in my life. I do not want anything, just want to meet him and his family. Madeline Mariani Submitted by Sharon not verified on May 9, - pm. Ferrone Surname Submitted by Tina not verified on August 8, - am.

I am working on my family tree and found a Nicolina Ferrone married a Constanzo Tomasso and they had a child Cecilia Tomasso who was born in and died in I'm searching for my great grandfather who was from Calabria Italy. The only information I have is that he was from Calabria and he visited New York on ship but never became an American citizen and went back to Italy. Does this apply to Sicily, also?

Looking for more information on my grandparents Submitted by Brenda StPierre not verified on June 7, - pm. I would love to find out where I can get birth or baptismal certificates, but I don't know where to begin. I know this much because my uncle was able to piece some things together but I want more! I would also love to meet any family members I can. Relatives still in Italy? I am working on my family history, but cannot find any information past my dad's father and mother. My grandfather's name was Giuseppe Annibale and his wife was Carmela Annibale.

Her maiden name was Verteramo.

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He came to the U. Any info on anyone who might be related either on the Annibale side or Verteramo side would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to find more records on my great grandfather, Antonio Severio Appleton born in Ancona in to a Giacinti Carancini and a Thomas Appleton. The origins of either parent would be great or info on where I can find out more as I will soon be visiting Ancona. His name is Frank Grosso, although it was originally Frank Gruosso until he came to America where they dropped the 'U'.

He lived and died in Yonkers New York. I would like to find out if there are any living relatives of my Grandfather in Italy before traveling, so I can look them up in Italy. Can you point me in the right direction for research please? Many thanks in advance! Good day Submitted by Monde not verified on August 26, - am.

Good day I need help in tracing my great- grandfather, we lost people with knowledge and documents hence I only have his name. Any help would be appreciated. Last name was Celimo. Possible first names were Stella and Leonardo. My grandfather was born August 21st possibly Would love some help. Looking for my father's relatives Submitted by Gianinna not verified on August 29, - am.

Thank you for the tips! I am looking for more info about my father, Giovanni Peterlongo, who I didn't meet. He already passed away around in China. I would love to meet my relatives from my father's side, but I don't find anything about him anywhere. Searching for these family names in Sulmona, Italy.

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Antonino Caccioppoli Submitted by Caccioppoli not verified on September 4, - pm. Ancestry Submitted by Sylvia gosling not verified on September 6, - am. He married rosa christina. Maria olivieri who definatly was born there. He had a daughter maddelana colonna my grandmother who was born in Vitorchiano viterbo italy. His parents were rosato giannini and his wife was maria picchi living in Vitorchiano at the time. Mongello heritage Submitted by Jessica Mongello not verified on September 7, - pm. Looking for ancestors to the shorten version of the Mongello name once arrived at Ellis island.

Heard through family our name in Italy was Mongelliouso. I don't know if it's spelled correctly. Any info much appreciated. My great grandfather Luigi Rimoldi was born on the 13 June and came from a town called Rho in Italy. He came to New Zealand in the late 's leaving behind his mum, dad and siblings in Italy.

His parents were Pietro and Giulia nee Malgrati Rimoldi. I hope someone sees this and will be able to help me with my research. I would be grateful for any information, Birth, Marriage, Death or even to get hold of a living relative! Researching a dead end Submitted by Tom Naples not verified on November 3, - pm. My paternal grandfather was adopted in or near Airola, Italy. He was born in January of , supposedly in a hospital, and was brought to the family Napolitano, later Naples in his baptismal gown.

Rumors always were that his biological parents were from prominent families but he was born out of wedlock. I don't know what is true, but I've done DNA tests hoping to see Italian names that are related that would not be familiar to me. How should I proceed? Not sure of the church or hospital, if this is true. Am I a prince, or just a stonemason's great grandson? Thank you for any help.

Looking for info on my great grandparents. Emilio Rampone and wife Rose Cavalero. Had at least two sons Joseph in and John in They lived in a town called Castano. Joseph is my grandfather. He came to the US in He married Adelaide Celestina Brero in Then lived in a small town called Salida,CA. Later moved to Oakland,CaThey had 8 sons and Joseph died in Any info would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to fill in details about my grandfather on my father's side. He came to the USA in and naturalized in He died in Chicago in This is literally all I know about him.

I am trying to find out who his parents were and whether or not there were any siblings. I may not have an accurate birth city since I got this information from a ship manifest. There is nothing else on Ancestry and I don't read Italian so I am not having any luck with an online search for records. Any help anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Alice, I found record birth of Gaetano Luchini,if you want I can traslate it for you in english, let me know. He came to New Zealand in the late 's. His parents were Pietro and Giulia Malgrati Rimoldi. I want to be able to get information on the ship Luigi would have sailed on to New Zealand, a Marriage Certificate for his parents, etc, etc.

Can someone help me, thank you. Sacco Family Submitted by bob sacco not verified on January 10, - pm. I am searching for information regarding my family surname Sacco. My research has come to a dead end at my Great, great Grandfather Guilio Sacco who was born in The city of his birth is unknown. Italian heritage Submitted by Monica not verified on January 12, - pm.

I am searching for information on my ancestors. The last name is Scaggiari. I am looking for military and other records. Where can I find Italian history without paying a lot of money? What do you remember about Heather R. Jaster Reed? Share your memories of special moments and stories you have heard about her. Or just leave a comment to show the world that Heather is remembered. Sign in. People Photos. Summary 2. Obituary 5. Family Photos 6. Share a Memory 7.

Additional Records 8. Add a photo Edit this bio Show other Heather Reeds. Jaster Reed born Heather R. Jaster Reed was born around She married Jesse J. Reed on June 13, in Texas. We know that Heather R. Jaster Reed had been residing in Texas. COM View birth records. COM View 8 death records. The average age of a Reed family member is Family Husband: Jesse J.

What schools or universities did Heather attend? Add education. Professions Share what Heather did for a living or if she had a career or profession. Add Profession. Organizations Add organizations, groups and memberships. Military Service It is unknown if Heather R.

Jaster Reed is a military veteran. Middle name R Maiden name Unknown. Add maiden name Surnames Reed family history. Family Photos. Add photos of Heather during various points of her life Edmond O'Brien. Ruhl and James Reed. Ruhl Harper Reed. Hurd Hatfield and Donna Reed. James Reed, III.

James Isaac Reed, Jr. Jim Isaac Reed Jr. Cora Jane Kimbro Reed. James Isaac Reed Jr. James Isaac Reed, Sr. Joseph Eaton Reed.

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Shirley J. Hammond Reed. Timeline Want to know what happened during Heather R. Jaster Reed's life? Enter her date of birth or date of death and you can see a timeline of events during her lifetime. Jaster Reed Family Tree. Heather's Family. Add a parent. Add a partner. Add a child.

Add a sibling. There is no listed cause of death for Heather. She was born around Jaster Reed married Jesse J. COM Looking for more information? View 8 death records. Share a Memory about Heather Reed. Other Records of Heather R. Genealogy Articles. The s Changed Our Daily Lives - And Not How You Might Think Women finally had the vote, more people lived in cities than on farms, alcohol was illegal leading to lots of illegal drinking and sin taxes , the beginning of jazz, hems got short and women Are you a graduate "photo detective"?

Can you guess the year or decade of the graduation photos shown below? Test yourself. Check out these photos of our ancestors and how they prepared for school. Held anywhere from April 27 to May 1st, it was a celebration of Spring that included dancing, lots of flowers, and festivals. Up until the View all articles. Other Biographies. Other Heather Reeds Heather E. Green Reed born Texas Heather M. Blassingame Reed born Texas Heather L. Fairchild Reed born Texas Heather N.

Dupree Reed born Texas Heather E. Faris Reed born Texas Heather L. Spann Reed born Texas Heather A. Ricardi Reed born Texas Heather L. Vanlandingham Reed born Texas Heather E. Otoole Reed born Texas Heather R. Hykel Reed born Texas. Heather S. Yates Reed born Texas Heather A. Bush Reed born Texas Heather J. Mills Reed born Texas Heather D. Bean Reed born Texas Heather R. Morris Reed born Texas Heather M. Falvo Reed born Texas Heather L. Wagner Reed born Texas Heather M.

Lunsford Reed born Texas. Other Reeds Sam R. Reed born Texas Jami L. Jacobi Reed born Texas Moise K. Reed born Texas Nicole S. Sears Reed born Texas Douglas L. Reed born Texas Veronica Y. Arroyo Reed born Texas Darren J. Reed born Texas Cynthia Y. Johnson Reed born Texas. Alan C. Reed born Texas Gloria E. Rivera Reed born Texas Michael R. Reed born Texas Sandra C.

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